VibrantStream Audio – Enhancing the Power of Sound

For centuries the power of sound vibration has been used for improving health and wellbeing. Shamanic chants, Tibetan Bowels, sound healing has a rich history. VibrantStream Audio takes this natural power to a higher level. By combining specific frequencies and audio tones, we have created something that can reach deep inside and change you.

Research has shown that binaural sounds, that is two sounds produced separately in each ear, will create a new sound within the brain that is the difference between the two sounds. Many companies have used this idea to produce brain entrainment or mimic brain states represented by various frecuencies. What is unique about VibrantStream Audio is that we utilize our VibrantWave technology to produce sonic waves designed to remedy specific states of being.

In other words, we go beyond simple binaural beats or isometric tones that other companies are using and incorporate specific frequency sets designed to enhance the basic function of each VibrantStream audio. For example, our Morning Energize program has frequencies built in that aid the body to rebalance the energy chakras and enhance the bodies overall energy state. Our VibrantWave technology is unique in this way. Try it for yourself and experience the powerful benefits.

Vibrant Mind

A clear mind has better focus and better direction. It can aid you on your journey by allowing higher thought vibrations to emanate from you. Many people right now are experiencing cloudy thinking, which can lead you off into thought patterns that are less than ideal. Listening to this VibrantStream audio clears the clutter, bringing on clarity, allowing you to better plan and achieve.

You can listen to this VibrantStream anytime you feel you need better clarity of thoughts. Listening can be accomplished with or without your eyes closed which means you can utilize this during your busy day activities. 

Morning Energizer

Start your day off with an energy blast to get you moving. This VibrantStream accomplishes two things, rebalancing your energy centers and giving them a boost to help you along. You can use this audio during the day when you have those “energy lows” typically in the early afternoon. You can also listen with your eyes open, while you are performing other tasks. You will still gain the benefits of listening.

Many use this VibrantStream while they are commuting to work (not while driving of course!). Try it for yourself and experience the effects. LEARN MORE

Inner Core Confidence

One of the keys to greater vibration and greater success in life is confidence. Many people have their minds busily telling themselves negative patterns about themselves. The good news is these old crusty patterns can be removed and replaced.

This VibrantStream will help you encode a new positive pattern that will better reflect your true self. Your old out patterns of doubt and negativity can be replaced and you can build a better self image of yourself! This is very important because the energy and frequencies of your thinking will greatly effect your external environment, bringing you exactly what you are vibrating. Its time to build the positive image of self that represents who you truly are..  AVAILABLE SOON

Ultimate Calm

Experience deep relaxing calm. Unwind the stress from your days work with this VibrantStream audio. Successful relaxing is a key to better health and wellbeing. The ability to “switch off” from your days activities is very important to maintaining performance. By combining binaural tones with our unique VibrantWave frequencies, you can now find a deeper more relaxed place of mind.

It has been proven that adrenaline produced by your system during times of stress causes many health issues with your body. Ultimate Calm helps your system move to relax mode, allowing your body to naturally achieve a better balanced state. Harmony is the key and this VibrantStream helps bring that state to you. AVAILABLE SOON

Power Learning

This VibrantStream came about when an early adult learning center contacted us and requested a specific audio file to aid learning. This VibrantStream is the result. Your mind can be shifted to enable you to learn more and retain more information. Our VibrantStream uses specific frequencies to “switch on” you mind. Users have reported that their mind “seems to absorb information much faster”.  Most importantly the information is retained longer.

If you need to learn anything from a new language to new technical information at work, this VibrantStream can help improve the process, helping you learn faster and with greater effeciency.  AVAILABLE SOON

Success Blockage Cleanser

Reset your success vibration…  Your success is greatly effected by your overall rate of vibration. Most importantly it is effected by locked in patterns and beliefs that you carry with you on a day to day basis. Some of these operate so deeply within your subconscious that you are not even aware they are there! 

Reset your success with this VibrantStream audio. Listening to this track daily can help you greater achieve your hopes and dreams. Its power lies in unlocking and dissolving the old patterns, allowing new vibrations to be incorporated into your vibrational system.

This VibrantStream audio comes with a special booklet specifically designed to aid you in your journey to greater success! AVAILABLE SOON